Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finding my way


It is interesting to step into new chapters of life knowing you are on a particular path.  Of course, you can only see the parts of it you are planning and so you don't get to see the whole picture until afterwards.  I never think of myself as the type to plan much (but I think that may not be reality either) and so I feel especially neat and powerful when I am looking ahead with intention.  Even if all the things I see are hanging in an ever changing tapestry and what is completely true today will be completely untrue tomorrow.  It only matters that the dreaming goes on and the effort to live right now is done with intention of your path held also in your heart.
In trying to quiet the many voices vying for attention I have started spending one evening a week in meditation with others (called a sangha.)  This gives me the chance to set aside the time and choose to silence the competing dreams so that I may more easily follow the path that is best for me (and therefor best for my family and community.)  It feels just like magic.  The next day things are clearer.  I am a calmer, more present parent and wife.  I can see the future without grasping for it in the now.
Senor gave me a wonderful book for Christmas that helps me keep the magic each and every day.  Each day is about a page and has suggestions for meditation at the end.  All are simple and clear so far.  Things you know already, presented in a way to deepen your understanding of the importance.  If you are looking to add a little peaceful reflection to your days I recommend it.

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OldBikeRider said...

That books looks like a good complement to Callings. Enjoy life, no other alternative.