Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 21st, 2011 and a hat


This morning I was told it was "santa hat day" at school and asked to whip something up.  I didn't have any red or white around that would do the trick.  Only an old black sweater someone had felted by accident and handed over to me.  I had just read the other day about machine couching and so I grabbed some red wool roving and added that.  Senor insisted it needed a pom-pom so I made two.
The scarf is his Solstice gift.  I cut into some beautiful wool and cotton blend plaid from Liberty of London that had been gifted to me from a vintage stash.  Papa got one and I made myself a shawl.  Now we all match!  I am so happy to have found something so everyday useful for this beautiful fabric.
After getting ready for school we had to drop by a neighbors house and give her a Christmas card.

Happy Solstice everyone!!


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pattianne053 said...

What a cute hat on a cute boy!