Friday, October 7, 2011

Sweater Season

Today Desi got a sweater.  She is so cold she sleeps under the covers with us.  Happily.  Zo was so much harrier!  I can see Desi's pink skin right through her hair on most of her body.

Desi sweater 1.JPG
I was looking on ravelry to find something new to do with the yarn I had been knitting into a sweater.  Yeah- that whole knitting thing didn't really work out for me.  Maybe the next thing I try will be smaller.  I definitely can't count :)  Here is what my sweater looks like now:

Big yarn ball.JPG
As I was looking I stumbled upon the pattern for a granny square dog sweater and figured- why not?  With crochet I can easily finish something like this in a couple of hours and whala!  Here you go.

Desi sweater.JPG
Isn't she sweet?  Her transition into the household is really going well.  I even bought her some balls to play with because she is finally getting playful.  And frisky.  And she isn't too afraid of the Bug as long as he doesn't have a drum stick in his hand.  She doesn't like that at all.

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