Friday, October 28, 2011

At 2.5 years~


Dashing young men.JPG
:love to play your "dukar" guitar.  You have band practice every night you can with Papa.
:love Papa the most.  When I walk in and you are already home with him you tell me to go away.  It makes me giggle.
:always want to go see the bands on the weekend.
:are really good at jumping and you love to do it.  Especially off the radiator cover in your room. You even "stick" the landing now and stay on your feet most times.
:like to stay up late.  Sometimes we make you jump 100 or 200 times on your bed in an effort to wear you out.  It doesn't seem to work.
:still love applesauce and yogurt.
:are getting pickier about food.  Luckily your back up dinner is still peas.
:Cannot pick up a stick without making it into a microphone.
:are entertaining everyone.
:really like stickers and markers.  This has been really wonderful, we even sometimes get a quiet dinner because you are peacefully stickering.
:have just switched over to being able to get to sleep on your own.  It is amazing and makes me so happy.
:are really out of control most of the time.  Whew, what a whirlwind.
:love school and your teachers Miss 'Lena and Miss Sofia.
:send us back and forth through love and frustration so fast we can hardly keep up but oh, boy, do we love you to pieces.

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barefoot mama said...

OH win cutest pic this week for me..haha! Love it!