Friday, March 4, 2011

A cardigan and some pants.

I can tell Spring is imminent when projects are just spilling out of my brain into reality without being able to stop them.  Yesterday I started thinking of a skirt I wanted to make and by the time I was in bed it was done.  No hesitation, no pattern, no fear of mistakes.  Not that there weren't any mistakes, just that I didn't let them stop me.
But, I don't have any pictures of that yet so let's look at the cardigan I finished a couple of weeks ago. 

Cardigan Crop

This was a very fast, satifying project that I had added to my que in ravelry in September 2009.  It took me all this time to work up the nerve to make it and it really only took two weeks of working to finish it (and I basically took a week off in the middle.) 


So easy.  I am thinking of using the pattern and altering it into a dress.  Sounds cute right?

And then there are E's new pants.   I got the pattern from Dana.  It was the first thing she put up for Celebrate the Boy month.  Have you all checked out all that boy goodness?  So. Much. Fun.

I had to shorten her pants pattern and add a little extra room in the bum.  These are still too small for cloth diaper comfort really.  Next time I will add a couple more inches in the bum and bring the rise up a couple inches as well.  They are perfect train travel pants though.  The pockets I added are just right for the seat assignment tickets they gave E and they fit fine over a paper diaper.


Have a great weekend!!



Mom A said...

You guys are loverly.

AlisaRock said...

I love the sweater (I want one, exactly like it) and love the wrist tattoo by the way. Have you thought of getting a booth at the Waverly farmers market and selling your stuff?