Monday, August 9, 2010


I just finished a blouse of the lightest yellow fabric.  Perfect for summer.  I will have to wait to get a picture of it on because the hanger picture is not doing it justice...

In other news I got a little job at a boutique.  It is either an amazingly perfect job or the downfall of my GSC.  All the pretty clothes!!  Luckily, all the money I will be making is already spoken for (probably a few times over honestly) and so I would have to content myself with just visiting the pretty dresses anyway.  I got to work Friday and it was so lovely.  Adult conversation, witty women, and did I mention the clothes??  Ah, aside from slightly tired feet it was like a break instead of a job.  Delightful.
Also of note- a certain someone is weaned.  As of a week or so ago.  I am not sure if there will be sadness over this in the future but right now I think we both feel great about it.  I know some women keep going longer but we were done.  I knew he was ready when he brought me a bottle first thing in the morning instead of crawling into bed and tugging at my shirt.  Also delightful.  The freedom this offers me is making me a little giddy.  It means I could go away for the night (or a weekend, or a month) by myself!  Funny enough, the times I think of running away I almost always want to take him with me.  Because I like him and stuff...  But he does eat everything in sight and run into streets and lay down on the ground and cry for a minute or two if you mess up his idea of fun.  So a night off, just because I can sometimes sounds so lovely. 

Marching to his own beat

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