Tuesday, November 3, 2009


helping crochet

I made a hat for the Bug over the weekend because I had some time to kill in the car and crochet is so easy and fun to travel with. I started out thinking I was making a hat with ears but the tweed I used and the shape the hat had at the top made me go in a different direction in the end. I added a little needlework to bring some gender neutrality to it. I am a little worried everyone will think he is a girl because of the cranberry color. Oh well, they think that anyway.

mama made 131

Poor guy is really going through it right now. He has just started sitting up and fell over this morning and whacked his head on the hard wood floor. And then all day with the hands in mouth, drooling and bursting out crying, big lip out, full on sadness. I feel so bad but there isn't much I can do. We just have to beg the teeth to hurry and stop torturing our sweet boy. The picture above was taken in one of the few smiley moments of today. I am using the teething tablets and we gave him tylenol tonight. Tomorrow I think I will try ice again. He only slept on walks today. And oh- there he is again. Bye!

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cindy said...

That is the best hate EVER! He's totally stylin' and so cute. Oh my God, I need to see you both soon!

Mom A said...

My oh my, are you adorable or what!!!