Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To post on my door:


diber said...

The scene in _Marley and Me_ with the garbage truck and the barking dog just made me cry. With understanding. I don't have a dog, but plenty of other anti-sleep stressors.

kayla said...

Yes!! Yet, somehow Cora has slept through the neighbor knocking on the door and the dog going nuts multiple times today. Wish that was always the case!

erica said...

That's WONDERFUL! It must be extra hard living in the middle of a city for that sort of thing. We only get people ringing our doorbell who want to mow our lawn, plus the occasional kid selling something, but somehow they've figured out how to leave us alone during naptime most days. I hope your sign works, because I definitely thought about posting something similar on those days when I was extra angry.