Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Going on a break

end of summer 011

Yesterday was the equinox. A day of perfect balance. In March the vernal equinox will occur and we will be in balance again. Earth is a funny place. Only two days a year of equilibrium. All the rest we must find for ourselves.
In order to find that perfect balance I am going on a little break. I am not going to buy any yarn or fabric for the next six months. I have to use what I already have to create new things.
I am publishing it here so that you all can hold me to my word. The rules are no fabric or yarn. I can buy things to help me complete projects (thread, machine accessories, buttons.) This way I can get things done, and make some space. And get really creative for the holidays. Of course, the moment I decided to do this I thought of a million things I wish I had gotten before, but now I have to make due with what I have. And I like that. In theory. We will see how it goes... Thanks for being my willpower. I am going to go unsubscribe to the emails I get from :)

end of summer 016


OldBikeRider said...

The rose photo is DDG.

If you don't buy more fabric than you will possibly use, how will the bug inherit cloth piles? Don't you think of the future?

The security word is tulept. It should be rosept.

OldBikeRider said...

This is an important step. I commend you!

OldBikeRider said...

The last and this remark are from MomA

erica said...

What a great plan, and frugal too! Creativity within a box can be a good thing-- like the idea about giving someone something specific to write a short story about instead of giving them free reign... it can actually make us more creative to have a few limits.