Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Fun

In pictures:

This was a busy weekend fun of winter delights:

First, to Fells Point for Gingerbread House Making (GHM)

GHM in Fells point

Mine turned out to have a face

GHM in Fells point

Others had funny chimneys and carports

GHM in Fells point

Then onto the Small Foods Party where creativity and imagination ruled the house:

There was making (sweet potato pies)

Small foods 2008

There was displaying (tiny stuffed tomatoes)

weekend fun 033

There were yummy things (itty bitty fried ice cream)

Small foods 2008

There were strange things (marshmellows stuffed with any of twenty different things from anchovies to caramel- think bertie botts any flavor beans)

Small foods 2008

There was music (provided by the new ensemble, Deep Tree Mantra)

Small foods 2008

There was judging

weekend fun 051

There was spectating

Small foods 2008

And of course, there was winning

Small foods 2008

Special thanks to Dag, for taking all the small foods pictures!

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Mom A said...

Did you make the chex mix?