Monday, December 22, 2008

Civic Duty

pillow 005

Today it was my civic duty to sit at the court house all day and wait to be called by a judge. Luckily they realized that we were all just hanging out for the movies and no one got called for a jury all day. Yay!
I rode the bus home which was fine, once I got on, because it was damn cold out today and downtown where the courthouse is the streets make little wind tunnels. Brrr!
Tomorrow we leave and that pillow goes to it's new home. I think it is going to fit right in. I got the idea after looking at a book my dad gave me for the holidays. It turned out perfect. I really like and plan to make more... Maybe a few more and I could open up the etsy shop with them.... hmmmm...
In baby news we laid in bed for a couple hours on Sunday feeling the baby move around. I got it to move enough that Senor was able to feel it once or twice. The belly keeps getting bigger! Senor started reading it the Series of Unfortunate Events books last night. I love getting read to sleep!
We are going away for a bit and hopefully will come back with great pictures and fun stories but don't any of you hold your breath. It is possible we'll run away and never come back!


jack said...

I've been called up for jury duty on Jan 5th. What are the odds?

The pillow looks awesome :)

I read Erica & Kent the Chronicles of Narnia, but Erica really liked the Lemony Snicket books too when she read them herself. I've only taken time for the first, but I bet I'll get another opportunity to read them later ;)

erica said...

Heh, like Jack said, he read to me and Kent in utero for months, which was really nice. Just about every night, though, he'd open the book to where he had left off the night before, and he'd have to go back a couple of pages because I had dropped off and had forgotten what happened. That reading is good stuff, man. =)