Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finding peace.


We've been taking lots of trips to the woods in the last few weeks.  Sometimes we visit chickens and turtles, sometimes the water.    Either way, it is so easy and happy there.  The Bug says, "Woods, woods!" whenever there are more than two trees growing together.  The sun light (or rain that we've had so much of) filters gently through the leaves speckling us with yellow and green light.  There are frogs to be found and rocks and sticks to throw in the water or just collect.  It is rejuvenating for me when I don't think I can take anything else, it is calming for the Bug when the world outside the woods is so full of "No" and "Stop".  We relish the time.
Today, after a long walk followed by a bike ride where the Bug actually used the pedals(!!)  we came home and I pulled out the hose and sprayed him with it for an hour.  It is just noon here.  Thursdays are sooo long.  I think we'll need to find the woods again soon.  I hope you are finding your woods too.
Happy weekend! (i'm getting an early start on mine ;-)


AlisaRock said...

When he's older, you guys should do Oregon Ridge. Beautiful.

anilia said...

that is where we see the chickens and turtles actually. And where I met your sweet sister. :)